COLLECTIVE MEDIA LA is a Los Angeles based global media collective focused on social justice and consciousness expansion through documentary filmmaking.

Sam Slovick

Writer /Producer/Director/Cinematographer

Sam Slovick has had a decidedly eclectic career as writer, photographer, actor, major label recording artist, journalist and documentary director. His feature documentary release, Radicalized has been called the definitive voice of a generation protest film.

He has been published extensively in a variety of national and international publications including Details, Vibe, Interview, Giant, Good, Tar, L.A. Weekly, Huffington Post, Neon, Nylon, SLAKE, The Face, The Advocate, Curve, Mission & State, Angelino and others.

Slovick initially made a splash as a self-styled club performer in the 80’s in New York. A native of Oshkosh, Wisconsin, he received his informal education on the street and under the tutelage of established writers and artists. He has appeared in numerous television shows and films including Jodi Foster’s Home for the Holidays and John Milieus’ epic feature Red Dawn. As a singer/(BMG) songwriter his major label releases include Louie Says (RCA records) whose songs that have appeared in films and television series.

He hit his stride as a journalist in 2005 when he wrote a cover story for the LA Weekly about skid row poverty. His ability to access subjects at the street level has garnered him acclaim and established him as a serious journalist focused on social justice. World Hunger Year & MAGGY award winner in journalism for his LA Weekly Skid Row series, Slovick made the obvious transition to documentary director /writer / producer with On Skid Row a 5-part doc series with Good Magazine

His doc-series “Occupy LA: Scenes From The New Revolution” (Participant Media/ Take Part) is a first look into the 99% Movement in Los Angeles from street level. His first published fiction; Tommy Crow appeared in SLAKE vol.2 Crossing Over. This controversial piece gleaned media attention, featuring the author in the LA Times and on Los Angeles NPR-affiliate 89.3-KPCC.

Current projects with Collective Media include Tear Down Babylon, a Black Lives Matter-Los Angeles documentary and Kirtan Road Dogs Original Series on sacred touring performers.

Press: LA TimesHuff Post

Luis Angel Vargas-Hernandez

Luis Vargas marked his first work on a feature documentary film with CollectiveMedia.LA’s 2015 release, “Radicalized”, an award winning, ground-breaking feature  documentary that has been called the “definitive, voice of generation protest film”. A founding member of CollectiveMedia.LA, he originally connected to film  production through political activism. Vargas learned his skills and carved his niche in radical filmmaking in realtime, shooting protests in Los Angeles over the past  five years. His ability capture and disseminate “in the moment” short docs, along with his experience in feature length filmmaking and stated intention to “collectively  co-create” enlightened content  make him an integral part of the CollectiveMediaLA.

Steven Gute

Producer, Editor, Videography, Camera

Steven Gute has been working in a variety of capacities in the Los Angeles independent filmmaking community over the past decade.

Working in the US and Europe, Steven has shot, edited and collaborated on several documentaries including Leonardo DiCaprio’s The 11th Hour. His company credits include Warner Bros, MTV, Tree Media Group, Muse Films, Time Warner, Shadowland Films, Charter Communications, Goal Productions, CNN, Universal Music and Low End Theory.

A graduate of Chapman University’s School of Film and Television with a BFA he has a broad experience including the studio system, the music industry, environmental activism with over 500 TV broadcasts.

In addition to his work as a filmmaker, Gute has collaborated with other artists, actors, and filmmakers as a cinematographer, editor, sound designer, audio mixer, photographer and producer. An avid audiophile, musician and songwriter, Gute has recorded and released several recent albums.

His feature films credits as director include; Project Los Angeles, College Bound, TV series The House, Psychosis 101, music videos Blank Blue, Greater California, Marilyn Jurman, Connectors, Veritas, The Verm, music documentaries California Guitar Trio, Blank Blue in addition to dozens of short films.