Tear Down Babylon

Tear Down Babylon is the anatomy of a 53-day direct political action dubbed “Decolonize LA City Hall” by Black Lives Matters – Los Angeles on July 12th, 2016, that held the mayor captive for 2 months, demanding he fire the police chief, in response to the Los Angeles Police Commission’s ‘in policy’ decision in the Los Angeles Police Department killing of Redel Jones in 2015.

It’s a film about women whose narrative is best articulated by it’s subjects; women. “Women in the space of women as the creators of the movement,” Melina Abdullah says. Jasmine adds, “It’s us women, fighting it out. Men too… but it’s us women.” The fight is the ongoing battle against the LAPD, who “kill more of it’s citizens than any other law enforcement agency in the country,” Melina says. Those killed are disproportionately black and brown. The larger issues of institutionalized racism and state sanctioned violence are a through line of “Decolonize LA City Hall”.

Tear Down Babylon plays out over the 53 days of the Decolonize LA City Hall action. An extensive interview with Jasmine Abdullah, filmed after the action, is the spine of this piece; stitching ideology, experience and perspective to imbue the viewer with a sense of it’s deeper meaning and feel it’s heart beat.

“I’m about to change this shit. Or die trying.” -Jasmine Abdullah.

Kirtan Road Dogs: A Pilgrimage to Bliss

Kirtan Road Dogs opens a space to reconsider consciousness. It is the story of great awakenings in a critical time of limitless possibility. A sound healing invoked by sacred songs designed to recalibrate your spirit, the take away is bliss. A radically inclusive feature documentary film and blueprint for a planetary shift through music, mantra, yoga and sacred tradition set to a backdrop of international music festivals, we are led on this voice-of-a-generation passage by our on-camera guide, magnetic millennial mantra star Vijay Krsna (and his band The Kirtaniyas). We’re swept into the magic as they play to huge crowds at some of the most beautiful, sacrosanct places on Earth as well as any random street corner, bus, train, airport or hotel room on their unbroken voyage. Always raising the vibration they inevitably connect to those seeking a higher vibration. Those Seekers tell the story of a larger conscious awakening each chasing something better. Something elevated. Something enlightened. Behind the scenes we get intimate with Vijay and Crew as challenges of road riggers in a rapidly changing world present through a millennial lens. Along the path, established Sacred Singers (Deva Premal, Snatam Kaur, Krishna Das, Donna Delori, Jai Uttal and others) are all an integral part of the moving canvas that makes up the larger arc of this film; at it’s core, the current evolution of the Sankirtan movement and it’s current transformative influence on the world and it’s people.

Kirtan Road Dogs: Original Series

Kirtan Road Dogs is an Original Series featuring todays top touring sacred singers. Kirtan Road Dogs is also a Feature Documentary. Make sure follow our page for more information! Read the full story at http://bit.ly/LAYOGA_KRD


As thousands take the streets of Trump’s America, this definitive voice-of-a-generation protest film that tells the story of American radical resistance through the lens of an anarchist collective in Los Angeles is more relevant than ever.

An inside perspective of the new season of political resistance is crafted from thousands of hours of footage shot from 2011 to 2015. Ideology meets reality and collides with the powers that be as articulated through the inner voices and external lives of a millennial anarchist collective near downtown L.A. Targeted by law enforcement, repeatedly arrested, intimidated and sometimes beaten, only to be further radicalized, this film contains graphic scenes of police violence.  Radicalized is a very personal, untold story of the post Occupy millennial resistance. 

For more information visit: www.radicalizedmovie.com